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Source: - 1 hour ago
(ZEROHEDGE) – At Penn State University, 117 students have been placed on interim suspension for failure to comply with the university’s weekly COVID-19 testing requirement. Students at University Park who are subject to required weekly COVID-19 testing and who have missed at least three weeks of ...

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Source: - 4 hours ago
More than a dozen states across the U.S. have already legalized marijuana sales, and later this fall lawmakers in D.C. will start debating whether to join that group. The D.C. Council has scheduled a public hearing on Nov. 19 to consider legislation from Chairman Phil Mendelson that would legalize ...
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Source: - 3 hours ago
Looking for the relevant education or science template in Google Slides? Fall is coming which means that studying-related templates are in demand again. Of course, it is better to look for the templates in Google Slides because they are easy to use. However, let’s agree that it is not so simple to ...
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Source: - 2 hours ago
The total number of deaths with coronavirus in NI since the start of the pandemic is 2,548.

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Source: - 1 hour ago
The Customs and Border Protection agency's internal accountability system is "broken," says Andrea Guerrero of Alliance San Diego. The group says independent and external investigations are needed. (Image credit: Paul Ratje/AFP via Getty Images)

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Source: - 1 hour ago
A Chinese Communist Party defector claims that China intentionally spread covid-19 at the Military World Games held in Wuhan in October 2019. The multisports event for military sports competitors from around the world is held every four years, one year before the Olympic Games. More than 9,000 ...

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Source: - 5 hours ago
There's been some controversy! Or probably more like NON-troversy. Regardless, this morning's hearing in the Senate Armed Services Committee with Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is probably going to be LIT. Watch live with us! 9:33: Oh hello ...

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Source: - 1 day ago
YMCA Chicago Bringing Mobile Vaccination Clinics to Neighborhoods The YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago is joining efforts to protect the community from COVID-19. The Y has arranged for the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) mobile vaccination vans to be present at the Rauner Family YMCA in Little Village, the Sage YMCA in Crystal Lake, the Buehler YMCA in ...

Source: - 1 day ago
Unsurprisingly, running Facebook groups to reduce stress leaves women more stressed Would you share your most intimate thoughts with strangers? For many women, during the pandemic and associated lockdowns, closed Facebook groups have been a place to do just that. These groups offer a chance to escape the house virtually and spend time with like-minded souls, sometimes chatting, ...

Source: - 1 day ago
Episode 1512 Scott Adams: No Cursing and No COVID on Today’s Live Stream. But Let’s Talk About the Audit. My new book LOSERTHINK, available now on Amazon Find my “extra” content on Locals: Content: Replacement Theory, Matt Gaetz agrees with Tucker Julian Assange assassination plan? Brookings Institute fake news Obedience training, the plot to ...

Source: - 10 days ago
Jack Antonoff on working with big-name artists, and the unique obstacles making music in a pandemic.

Source: - 1 day ago
Trump Calls Out Biden Over... Golfing?!?

Source: - 14 days ago
US Labor Imperialism, The CIA, NED, Afghanistan, AFL-CIO Kim Scipes a professor at Purdue University Northwest discusses the role of US labor internationally including the National Endowment For Democracy.

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