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Source: - 5 hours ago
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports Reliability and availability are hallmarks of the free agent corner, something the Eagles have sorely lacked... After three years as a solid contributor for the Chicago Bears , cornerback Prince Amukamara now finds himself out of a job. For the past two years the Bears ...
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Source: - 1 hour ago

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Source: - 1 hour ago
Saeedi claimed that the coronavirus outbreak was Trump's way of fulfilling his promise to hit Iranian cultural sites if the Islamic Republic took revenge for the killing of Soleimani. ;

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Source: - 3 hours ago
Mario Tama/Getty Images Despite warnings from a few people like me , after the Nevada Caucus , the Democratic Party, whether it likes it or not, now has Bernie Sanders as the clear front-runner for its presidential nomination. The similarities between where Sanders is now, and where President ...

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Source: - 2 hours ago
The president was referring to the possibility that Democrats could try to snatch the nomination from the Vermont lawmaker.

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Source: - 4 hours ago
Vladimir Putin seeks anything that would further take the sheen off U.S. democracy. After that, he is eager for a counterpart who is unlikely to challenge his territorial and nuclear ambitions.

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Source: - 1 day ago
The Car Market in China Collapsed due to the Coronavirus Passenger car sales in China plummeted 92% YoY in the first 16 days of February, as the coronavirus epidemic caused most business across the country to cease operations, according to data from the Chinese Passenger Car Association (CPCA), BNR reported. China’s passenger vehicle sales recorded ...

Source: - 1 day ago
The Stupid. It Burns. Donald Trump has done more to hobble Vladimir Putin’s ability to act on the world stage than any of his predecessors. For example, Trump’s favorable treatment of fracking has kept the prices of oil and natural gas down, devastating Russia’s income as an oil exporter and severely truncating Putin’s ...

Source: - 1 day ago
Intelligence officials reportedly told Sanders that Russia is attempting to aid his campaign U.S. officials told Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) that Russia is interfering in the 2020 campaign to help him win the presidency, people familiar with the matter tell The Washington Post . President Trump and other lawmakers are also reportedly aware of the assistance, which is an apparent "effort ...

Source: - 2 days ago
The 1918 Flu Pandemic: Coronavirus Update

Source: - 1 day ago
Trump on Bloomberg's AWFUL Nevada Debate Performance

Source: - 3 days ago
Video: Crude Oil as of February 18, 2020 In the present video, Phil Carr from The Gold and Silver Club talks about crude oil as of February 18, 2020. He discusses how the coronavirus outbreak in China was affecting prices for crude and speculates whether the prices may go in the future. If you found this video useful and want to see more ...

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