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About FeedRank®

FeedRank® is a numeric ranking system for RSS feeds and is generated based on a content analysis algorithm developed exclusively by RSSMicro.
FeedRank® measures the quality of RSS feeds including published articles and posts. In order to generate the FeedRank®, a customized algorithm checks various areas including but not limited to traffic data and a newly developed concept called Feed Delta.

Feed Delta is a mechanism in which it measures unique information across articles, ensures the quality of the content on the source. In an array of articles, all articles must consistently offer rich content so that the array can get a higher delta value, the value represents the Feed Delta in an RSS feed. The concept is based on the fact that computer generated spam websites or websites with little or no valuable content currently have difficulties in simulating an array of articles with high delta values. While we believe the big challenge for ranking RSS feeds does not stop here the FeedRank® has successfully identified many spam websites and websites with little value during many tests before launch.

FeedRank® uses other checkpoints relevant to the feed along the Feed Delta value to ensure reliability and accuracy of the results. FeedRank® is a work in progress and we like to hear from you, contact us if you have any comments and ideas.
FeedRank® Status:
Locked: RSSMicro has locked the feed and started crawling and indexing the feed. It is now being monitored internally for updated FeedRank® results. At this stage re-submitting the feed does not change or update FeedRank®.

Pending: Feed is checked and is qualified for the search index, within a week or two, feed will be automatically upgraded to Locked status. At this stage you can re-submit the feed to improve FeedRank® results.

Waiting: Feed is checked but did not earn enough FeedRank® required for the search index, RSSMicro will wait for the owner to update the feed and re-submit in order to qualify the feed for the search index.

Suspended: Feed failed either due to error or low FeedRank®. RSSMicro will wait for the owner to fix the error, update the feed and re-submit in order to qualify the feed for the search index.

RSS Feed Auto-Discovery:
To make your site feed visible to your site users and search engines you must add RSS feed URL to your web page's head element. We recommend adding the link most importantly to your site home page and all other relevant pages. Follow the sample below to see how to add the link element:
    <title>My Home Page Title</title> 
    <link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml"
title="RSSMicro Search - Top News on RSS Feeds"
href="" /> </head> <body> .......... </body> </html>
Learn more here.
How a well formatted RSS feed looks like?
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<rss version="2.0" xmlns:atom="">
        <title>RSSMicro Search - Top Posts on RSS Feeds</title>
        <description>Search for news, blogs, and RSS feeds.</description>
        <pubDate>Fri, 12 Jun 2009 02:20:56 GMT</pubDate>
        <atom:link href="" rel="self"
type="application/rss+xml" /> <image> <title>RSSMicro Search - Top Posts on RSS Feeds</title> <url></url> <link></link> </image> <item> <title>RSSMicro Search - Top News on RSS Feeds</title> <link></link> <pubDate>Fri, 12 Jun 2009 02:04:22 GMT</pubDate> <description>Top news on RSS feeds.</description> </item> <item> <title>RSSMicro Search - Top Images on RSS Feeds</title> <link></link> <pubDate>Thu, 11 Jun 2009 23:46:29 GMT</pubDate> <description>Top images on RSS feeds.</description> </item> <item> <title>RSSMicro Search - Top Videos on RSS Feeds</title> <link></link> <pubDate>Wed, 10 Jun 2009 01:40:19 GMT</pubDate> <description>Top videos on RSS feeds.</description> </item> </channel> </rss>
Important Tags in RSS Feeds:
We closely check and monitor following XML tags in RSS feeds. There are other tags that could be very valuable to your organization but you should make the most out of your RSS feed by populating these:

XML Document Declaration:
Identifies an XML document.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Header Title:
Title of your feed.
<title>RSSMicro Search - Top Posts on RSS Feeds</title>

Header Description:
Description of your feed.
<description>Search for news, blogs, and RSS feeds.</description>

Header Link:
URL of your site home page or your feed home page.

Header Language:
The language your feed is published in.

Indicates the category your feed belongs to.

Update Frequency:
Indicates how often your feed is being updated and how often feed readers should re-visit your feed. Save yourself some bandwidth and traffic by setting the correct time interval in minutes.

Item Title:
Title of your posts or articles.
<title>RSSMicro Search - Top News on RSS Feeds</title>

Item Description:
Description or summary of your posts or articles.
<description>Top news on RSS feeds.</description>

Item Link:
URL of the correspondent article or page on your site.

Item Published Date:
Indicates date and time the item is published conforms to UTC GMT.
<pubDate>Thu, 11 Jun 2009 02:04:22 GMT</pubDate>

Error Messages:
Feed has only one or no item: This is the most common error message which indicates a feed that does not have any item (post) or has only one item. Feeds which do not have enough content for data analysis won't qualify for the FeedRank®. Add more content to your feed or wait to accumulate more articles before re-submitting the feed.

Auto redirect to a new site: Items in the feed are linked to two or more different sources, while the feed could have linked to articles with high quality, it is not qualified for FeedRank® as a single source of content.

Feed has identical URLs: There are two or more items in the feed that are linked to the same article or page. This is an indication of bad formatted feed or spam.

Page is too large: Current size limit for feed is 250 KB and for the destination page is 400 KB excluding images, videos, flash files... this is an indication of bad formatted page or spam. How to tell the size? Right click on the page or feed and "view source" and save it as a plain text file, check the file size.

Error parsing the page: There is a significant HTML error on the destination page. Missing <body> or <html> tags is the common error, we suggest validate your HTML pages using W3C page validator.

Unknown format: We support RSS and Atom feeds, however the feed is badly formatted and is missing some important directives and tags or the URL does not link to an XML feed. Try to navigate to your feed with your browser, if your browser can show the feed we should be able to recognize its format too. Also check our sample RSS feed above to see how a good formatted feed look like.

Page not found: One or more pages or articles in your feed result in a "Not Found 404" error message. Navigate to your feed in your browser and try to open recent posts.

Page forbidden: One or more pages or articles in your feed result in a "Forbidden 403" error message. Navigate to your feed in your browser and try to open recent posts.

Unknown error: There has been an error while loading and analyzing your feed. A network connectivity issue or site down can cause this. Try to submit the feed within few hours. Also navigate to your feed in your browser and try to open recent posts and check to see if there is any error while browsing your site.

FeedRank® Stats & Common Specs:

FeedRank® 10 FeedRank® 10
Excellent - (.03%)

Only a handful of websites fall into this category
FeedRank® 9 FeedRank® 9
Excellent - (.57%)

Major news publishers, very popular sites
FeedRank® 8 FeedRank® 8
Excellent - (.73%)

News publishers, popular sites
FeedRank® 7 FeedRank® 7
Very Good - (1.03%)

Major blogs, some news publishers, popular sites
FeedRank® 6 FeedRank® 6
Very Good - (1.36%)

Major blogs, popular sites
FeedRank® 5 FeedRank® 5
Very Good - (2.37%)

Tier 1 blogs with frequently updated content, some Tier 2 feeds with excellent content
FeedRank® 4 FeedRank® 4
Good - (3.28%)

Tier 1 blogs with frequently updated content, some Tier 2 feeds with very good content
FeedRank® 3 FeedRank® 3
Good - (5.76%)

Tier 2 blogs, some Tier 3 feeds with good content
FeedRank® 2 FeedRank® 2
Fair - (8.57%)

Tier 3 blogs/feeds with good content
FeedRank® 1 FeedRank® 1
Low - (70.57%)

Tier 3 blogs/feeds with poor to somewhat good content
FeedRank® 0 FeedRank® 0
Failed - (5.73%)

Sites with poor or no content, feeds with no article, duplicate articles, some hosted feeds, feed errors or spam.
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