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Source: - 22 hours ago
Episode 458 Scott Adams: New Climate Change Challenge, Mr. Kellyanne Conway, and More Topics: New Zealand is trying to keep an assholes name from being known FOX respects the concept, CNN publishes his name Mr. Kellyanne Conway vs. President Trump’s pushback tweets President Trump’s genius: understanding what others don’t CNN top headlines…there’s nothing new, recycled topics Dem ...

Source: - 1 day ago
Google Announces New Game Streaming Service Stadia, Will Launch In 2019Source: Justin Sullivan / Getty Back in June 2018, we reported about rumors of Google throwing its name into the world of gaming. Now it’s official with the tech giant finally unveiling its new game streaming service Stadia, which will not require the use of a console. Oh, this is going to make ...

Source: - 1 day ago
Government databases for all citizens DNA? Since the advent of DNA testing in the ’80s, the tool has been hailed a silver bullet for crime-solving, with many arguing that governments must collect our genetic code as standard – but such proposals are riddled with problems. ...


Source: - 23 hours ago
Recipe for civil war? 17.4 million voted for Brexit & are being denied it I’ve known Speaker Bercow since he was a young man, wore a ‘Hang Nelson Mandela’ t-shirt, and was a secretary of the Monday Club – a conservative group so conservative that they’re probably wearing ‘Hang Bercow’ t-shirts today. By all objective standards Bercow has been a poor speaker of the ...

Source: - 1 day ago
Donald Trump Jr. Says U.K.'s Prime Minister Should Have Listened To His Father The political chaos surrounding Brexit could have been avoided had Theresa May simply followed the president's advice, Donald Trump Jr. wrote in an op-ed. (Image credit: Scott Sonner/AP)

Source: - 1 day ago
China Tells Christianity To Be More Chinese Is this a case of government oppression or the Chinese church coming into its own? How to understand “sinicization.” The headlines out of China last week sounded ominous. In strident language not heard in a long time, the head of China’s Protestant church gave a speech supporting the government’s ...

Source: - 21 hours ago
Boeing awarded $326M for P-8A Poseidon upgrades The Pentagon on Tuesday awarded Boeing $326 million for integration and testing of Increment 3 Block 2 capabilities on the P-8A Poseidon surveillance aircraft.

Source: - 22 hours ago
Europe’s First Underwater Restaurant Opens in Norway A unique dining experience is opening in Norway. You can have your dinner underwater. The first underwater restaurant in Europe is actually called “Under.” It’s located in Baaly. The establishment dips into the North Sea. Over 7,000 people have already made reservations to dine here. An 18-course ...

Source: - 1 day ago
Apple AirPods 2 release date, news and features The long-awaited AirPods 2 are finally here , and according to Apple, they will deliver "faster connect times, more talk time, and the convenience of hands-free Siri." The second generation AirPods 2 come with a standard charging case or a wireless charging case and are available to order on the ...

Source: - 22 hours ago
NZ declares massacre video “objectionable,” arrests people who shared itEnlarge / CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND - MARCH 18: Youngsters perform a Haka during a students vigil near Al Noor mosque on March 18, 2019 in Christchurch, New Zealand. (credit: Carl Court | Getty Images) The United States is unusual in offering near-absolute protection for free speech under the First ...

Source: - 22 hours ago
Grip on Sports: As March's madness ramps up, the M's begin another quest to end their postseason drought A GRIP ON SPORTS • Gonzaga has its opponent. The NCAA Tournament is underway. And so is the Major League Baseball season. Have you reserved your World Series tickets yet? Read on. •••••••••• • While most of us were doing the wise thing, sleeping, the Mariners and the A’s opened the 2019 baseball ...

Source: - 1 day ago
Tesla God of Thunder! A fantastic t-shirt form Forgotten Tees on Amazon! Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor. If there’s someone that should be worthy of wielding the great Mjolnir, Thor’s famed hammer, it’s Nikola Tesla. Not only did the man invent AC electricity and the ...

Source: - 1 day ago
Climate Change Throws Shade on Forest WildflowersDue to our warming climate, trees in North American forests are leafing out earlier and earlier each spring. For the wildflowers on the forest floor, searching for energy from the sun, all that extra shady foliage could end up causing a lot of harm. How do we know? By glimpsing back into the 1850s ...

Source: - 23 hours ago
KSR Show Thread 3/20: Live from JacksonvilleGood morning, friends, and welcome to the Wednesday edition of Kentucky Sports Radio, which is coming to you live from Jacksonville, Florida. Tune in to hear about the gang’s trip to the Sunshine State and the latest on PJ Washington’s mysterious foot injury. Join in on the fun by calling (502) ...

Source: - 19 hours ago
Fashion Bomb Look For Less: Kylie Jenner in Norma Kamali Earlier this week Kylie Jenner posed in a Norma Kamali ruched beige dress on her Instagram. The dress is $1,500 and has sold out! You can find similar styles of this #normakamali dress at Fashion Nova! By Najaah Cooper (@luvnaj)

Source: - 1 day ago
Everyone's Back in 'Stranger Things' Season 3 Trailer - Watch Here! It was all worth the wait – the trailer for Stranger Things season three is finally here! It’s been a while since new episodes dropped on Netflix and we’ll finally be seeing season three on July 4. The first footage shows the entire gang back together including Millie Bobby Brown , Finn Wolfgard , ...

Source: - 17 hours ago
Windows 10 version 1903 heads for the finish line Enlarge / Who doesn't love some new Windows? (credit: Peter Bright / Flickr ) It's clear that Microsoft is in the very final stages of development of Windows 10 version 1903, the April 2019 Update. The fast distribution ring has seen two builds arrive this week after two last week, bringing with ...

Source: - 20 hours ago
Health Canada: Apple Has ‘Communicated’ Apple Watch ECG Feature Coming Soon Apple Watch Series 4 includes an EKG feature, currently not available in Canada, but only for those models purchased in the United States . googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1457398515347-2'); }); Since last December, Health Canada has stated they have “not received an ...

Source: - 17 hours ago
Piers Morgan begs UK to just ‘bl**** LEAVE’ EU with no deal - ‘Anything better than this!' GOOD Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan has demanded the UK “get on” with leaving the UK without a deal, claiming the country will “survive and may even thrive” outside of the trade bloc.

Source: - 22 hours ago
Jay-Z, 'Super Fly,' 'La Bamba' Added To National Recording Registry As it has annually since 2002, the Library of Congress announced a wide variety of recordings it has selected as culturally significant and worthy of preservation. (Image credit: John D. Kisch/Separate Cinema Ar/Getty Images)

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